The dangers of plastic products, plastic products have

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
What is plastic products, plastic products, what are the dangers of the European Union in 2021 as a whole is a complete ban on plastic, estimates that China is fast, rubber products factory with you to understand it. Plastic products is plastic as main raw materials of life, industry, and other products, including plastic as the raw material of injection molding, plastic absorption technology products. Plastic is a resilient synthetic polymer materials. Plastic is a synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber as raw materials, natural resin or synthetic resin as the main ingredient, adding various additives, under certain temperature and pressure forming, the shape unchanged materials at room temperature. What are the dangers of plastic products: the harm of plastic products in the first place, it affects the development of agriculture. Waste plastics products accumulate in the soil of will affect the crops on the absorption of nutrients and moisture, which can lead to crop failures. Second, the harm of plastics it pose a threat to the survival of animals. Waste plastics by animal on land or in water swallow, killing animals. Last year, the qinghai lake on both sides of the 20 herdsmen killed nearly 1000 sheep, economic losses of more than 300000 yuan. Sheep like to eat oily residue wrapped in a plastic bag, but they often eat together with plastic bags. Because they eat plastic is difficult in their digestion in the stomach for a long time, sheep's stomach was packing, I can't eat any. In the end, he had to be starved to death. This kind of situation in the zoo, pastoral areas, rural areas and in the ocean is very common. Third, landfills take up a lot of land not only, and the occupied land cannot recover for a long time, affected the land sustainable use. Into the living garbage waste plastic products, if fill, will not degrade in 200 years. This caused great harm to land, changed the land, the acidity and basicity affected the crops on the absorption of nutrients and moisture, leads to a decrease in agricultural production. For scrap plastic products in water or on land, not only affect the environment, and passive feeding can result in death. It destroyed the ecological balance. Fourth, high temperature decomposition of toxic substances, plastic products have no toxic substances, but because of its imperfect recycling equipment, simple technology, many manufacturers have no legal business license. The harm of plastics when recycled plastic temperature reaches 65 ℃, toxic substances will precipitate and seep into the food, on the liver, kidneys and central nervous system, reproductive system as well as the important parts of the body other hazard. Recommend related products silicone seal preservation box seal Y type O sealing ring specifications silicone seal silicone folding cups
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