The core of the silica gel products processing and manufacturing _ silicone mold

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Talk about silicone products processing and manufacturing, will talk about the silicone mold, the silicon mold based on electronic information age accomplished now silicone products industry's new, due to injection mould gets the support of information technology high speed development. But in the rapid development of the road is not plain sailing. Silicone mold for the status of the current silicone products manufacturer is a core capacity without mould can't do anything, so the mould technology in various industries are leap forward, a mold can indicate that a section of a country manufacturing level. Silicone mold the technical difficulties in rubber and plastic mould industry for many years, although the mold core requirement for silicone rubber products manufacturer does not need to be 0. 001 mm but in addition to the size is more important on the surface and the mould clamping, and silica gel products is also said to mold the two requirement helpless, sometimes considered to be technically, sometimes I also think that is a problem device, so that our country needs to be improved for precision. Silicone mold silicone mold expensive market crisis and opportunity I think for the silicone products products industry has the idea, but now I think obstacles exist mould industry is high above the price, but according to go up to make the goods have been disappointing, so a lot of mold factory manufacturers have the idea that 'today's harvest don't have to wait until tomorrow in the natural and unrestrained' accomplished now not satisfied mold industry market in China, introduced a lot of international competitors. Namely actually you in no hurry, but jobs are being lost. And the silicone industry development also almost fluctuates according to the phenomenon in the wind, are expected to continue to the new breakthroughs in technology level!
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