The conflict between silicone products and rubber products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
A few days ago a silica gel products factory engineers to our factory to visit, mentioned a product produced during the process of sulfide can not achieve good effect, vulcanization process need to 35 degrees hardness of raw materials with low temperature curing agent, forming of the product, the phenomenon of the poor pull product is too fragile, he talked about after repeated deployment of room temperature, color, temperature, time of the above adjustments or not, but still can't find specific reasons, poor production products too much lead to delay delivery, our company old engineer heard later asked whether with rubber production, after he had heard that don't mean with rubber silicone production will be the conflict? ! ! According to this and asked the problem of vulcanizing agent manufacturers, didn't know to is likely to have conflicts with sulfide agent, in fact, many of his peers all don't know, when in the production of silicone raw materials with low temperature curing agent and rubber material of low temperature air the vulcanizing agent production will produce chemical reaction, silicone and rubber colleagues used low temperature curing agent can make a large number of molecules formed in the process of adding the intersection of material, silicone and rubber with different chemicals and rubber will appear toxic substances in the air to form molecular reaction, silica gel adsorption to rubber molecule will because there are differences between the synthetic way changed the processing properties of the silicone and rubber, silica and styrene and butadiene without any conflict, so that styrene and butadiene in the low temperature curing agent at room temperature reaches a certain temperature will emit toxic effect on silica gel products appear later. Mainly in wind bubble, processing are not ripe, tensile strength is not enough, and so on. So in production when using low temperature curing agent at room temperature is suitable for production as far as possible let environment, low temperature curing agent production is not such as styrene copolymer, easy to volatilize in the middle of the air can be silicone silicone products may appear not familiar phenomenon, such as formula error, temperature imbalance, it will cause material loss, a variety of chemical release, leading to low temperature vulcanizing agent forming products aging deformation, color temperature difference of unhealthy phenomenon. Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD
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