The conductive strip how to clean - Conductive rubber strip how to maintain

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
How conductive strip cleaning and maintenance, a lot of people don't know if this type of products the most appropriate cleaning, silica gel products factory give you answer this question. Conductive rubber strip, commonly known as the article, by conductive silicone and silicone alternately laminated insulation, and sulfide. Conductive rubber connector is stable and reliable performance, simple production assembly efficiency. 广泛应用于游戏机,电话,电子,器表,计算仪表等产品液晶显示器连接和电路板。 Conductive strip how to cleaning and maintenance method 1. Outside with a soft cloth dipping aluminum or neutral detergent and water is mixed with water directly, outside the swab test on aluminum frame. 2. To avoid aging fast, use special adhesive and plastic protective strip of cleaning and maintenance, regular inspection strip, focusing on the crack and fracture, 3. If there are damaged or aging or even fall off phenomenon, must contact after replacement, so as not to affect the product performance indicators. Attention when cleaning, metal parts, such as aluminum frame horn tip outside so as not to scratch. Above is the foshan silicone products factory to arrange the related content of the conductive strip how to cleaning and maintenance, hope to be of help. Foshan custom silicone products choose silicone products factory. Recommend related products high temperature resistant silicone tube foaming silica gel plate foaming silicone tube of high temperature resistant silicone plate foaming silica gel
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