The characteristics of the silicone pad and role

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone pad characteristics and functions of the silicone pad as a product of a common family kitchen utensils and appliances, now what is the distinguishing feature of the silicone pad and action let us the use of such a scale, today with everyone understand the knowledge of this aspect. What is a silicone pad? What is special about it? In fact, for this kind of products, in the family, we see more. Here, to introduce the silicone pad under the range of products, such as common are: pot mat, cup mat, and the place mat. That these products are small, but the effect is very big, what effect does it have? For example: for example, we in the boiling water, cooking process, often to high temperature to be able to bring to a boil boil water and food. Heat, it will not be able to cut the end on the table, the reason is very simple. Because, if you cut the product, you will find that, because temperature is too high, the pot to burn the table, or even able to iron into a big hole, that affect us is very beautiful. And believe that my friends don't want to happen, and this time the silicone pad, because itself has certain high temperature, therefore, put it on the table, and then these products in the end, you will find that the table don't have to worry about being scalded. So, because the silicone mat products have a certain resistance to high temperature, thus by N many families choose to use. What are the role of the silicone gasket? Silicone pad is silica gel products demand more of a product, it has certain flexibility and tension, excellent insulation, pressure without peculiar smell, high temperature resistance heat temperature in - 40℃- Between 230 ℃ and will not fade, easy to clean, not easy to deformation, the silicone material does not hurt the desktop, generally used for articles for daily use, super insulation function can effectively protect the desktop from the burn, silica gel pad is not only resistant to high temperature, more important is environmental protection non-toxic, is now the dominant product environmental protection society, can be used in refrigerator, microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, ovens, restaurants, hotels, cafes and other entertainment leisure place, also can be used for household kitchen and so on. The role of silica gel pad is more and more big, welcome everyone to come to foshan custom silicone rubber pad. We always insist on, do the best products, let customers at ease
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