The baby silicone products, silicone children bib is introduced in detail

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Spring in hainan, under the care of nature, everything seems so beautiful. Water is very clear, in hainan in the backdrop of the blue sky white clouds, look, a piece of blue sea, people walk on the soft sand, blue beauty combined with soft white sand mesmerising ability. In such a mild climate, the growth of the baby's mothers are concerned about one thing, in such a soft environment, all kinds of bacteria breeding is the most common thing. Various bacteria infest is always going to find a way to control, after all the health of the baby for the treasure mother is the first event, except with the necessary chemical disinfection control or other way to wipe out those who are not friendly bacteria, at the same time, we also want to grab from another source, baby tableware, baby silicone products, including baby's favorite toys. These seemingly not have bacteria breeding, is a big mistake, sometimes the baby when play the toy, every now and then also get a mouth to bite. The dangers of these will bring health to your baby, but now a lot of toys or baby tableware is plastic or other materials. And our silicone factory design and development of some baby products is made of pure silicone high temperature forming, silica gel is a kind of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, not easy to breed bacteria, a kind of good material, the effect on bacteria had a very good resist, silica gel bottles, silicone nipple, some silicone spoons, made of pure silicone baby products, like these not only face the bacteria resistance effects from the material, and how long in hot boiling water boil won't deformation or any other changes. Some silicone baby products is more creative design developed in recent years, such as silicone bib pocket, also called silicone saliva dripping, but way is varied, in taobao sales of baby supplies silicone bib number above silicone manufacturer's style is very much, no matter from the models or to work and are favored by bao mother and babies. In the future planning of the company, we will develop more and more creative baby silicone products, stay tuned.
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