The analysis of the causes of odor solid silicone rubber products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Many friends hot weather of summer wear jewelry also choose to use material, silicone products and many trade merchants and customers to the smell of the silica gel products made feedback, it is considered that the is disadvantage expired raw materials to produce accessories, so as a silicone products manufacturer small make up ask you explain about molding process in the smell of the reasons and treatment methods, silicone accessories and articles for daily use are made of food grade silica gel in the manufacturers to reduce costs is the selection and some made of industrial silica gel for solid silica gel unless the inferior raw material production is generally no problem, and silicone products and other materials in the same production process will inevitably have some factors has led to the smell of products. Just will inevitably be produced products, silicone raw materials this non-toxic tasteless, in the midst of silica gel products factory production process according to the requirement of the product nature, vulcanizing agent for the smell of the product is very important, such as the low price can not meet the vulcanizing agent to make the products smell is inevitable for the adsorption of silica gel silica gel products for vulcanizing agent adsorption and the adsorption effect of color glue led to a certain smell, with high temperature vulcanization molding to completely solid silicon molecules forming, and just to make the product appear smell is a normal phenomenon, combined with the sealing bag to save packing seal is put in contact with the air circulation to take out a smell, taste will slowly evaporate after 48 hours, and the products of the silicone products manufacturer to just baked to remove odor, and appear above the market smell of products is also have low baking products and raw materials production to use for a long time after sending out phenomenon, especially in high heat, ozone environment heavy place to send out, such as smell and can refer to the several methods to remove. Out and placed in long-term storage bags spread the smell in the air, also can use hot water to soak in the dry taste will disappear a few repetitions, how large quantities of products can also use baking machine for baking eliminate smell, with high temperature of 150 degrees to bake for an hour or so the smell will disappear a lot of, use of silicone in addition to flavor agent to remove, in addition to flavor agent mainly as a kind of cleaning products out of silica gel products outside of a lot of material products have good except flavour skill, avirulent insipidity of silicone accessories without any damage. For purchase products need to be aware of is see if the smell of silicone products and performance qualified! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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