The advantages of the silicone bib pocket

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silicone bib pocket, is refers to the food grade silica gel as raw material to produce a baby silicone products, also is the freshmen in maternal and child supplies a new product, mainly used in the baby eat bread or drink water when using, avoid the baby wet or dirty clothes. There is a small opening at the bottom of the bib back, baby miss meals can be very effective when you eat, so sometimes it is also called the baby silicone bib or is called silicone rice round, is varied, but the saliva and pick up rice with bib pocket, also have a little difference, mainly use the difference, between the two saliva dripping most commonly is to use cotton cloth is given priority to. When the baby in the long teeth, the saliva is more commonly, and from time to time out, then cotton cotton saliva dripping can play a unique performance. But the silicone bib has a cotton bib didn't has the advantages of high temperature silicone bib pocket mainly USES the food grade silica gel forming, non-toxic environmental protection is the characteristic of silicone bib. Each kind of silica gel bib is must have the SGS inspection certificate, and it is 100% by testing, usually refers to the FDA certificate and LFGB certificate. Silicone bib pocket hardness can be adjusted according to the material hardness, so normally, not more than 50 - all products of softness - 60 degrees, the entire product packaging can be circle, can also be rolled up, to carry the baby mother's bag is easy to hold, at any time can be used for your baby. Children are likely to eat all day long, use cotton bib dirty had to change, change into many times every day, for many, it's hard to dry, especially in winter, cotton bib is difficult for a will directly to dry. But the silicone bib is different, when the child after eating meals, flush a directly, again with a clean cotton cloth polishing the dry, the appearance of the product and get back to clean. Many mothers worry there will be a bacteria what see use for a long time, here I want to tell mothers treasure, the silica gel material products with general plastic is different, the silicone product will not breed bacteria or microorganisms, such as when the SGS test have a special test. Only after use must remember polishing the clean place, for the baby to use again.
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