The advantages and disadvantages of cold feed extruder

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
The extruder extrusion of wire and cable, rubber hose and other products as well as the tire industry, has been widely used cold feed extruder, and cold feed extruder other application areas are still in the continually expanding. Auxiliary equipment, so the quantity under the same conditions, using cold feed extruder extrusion, you need less labor, covers an area of less, the total price is cheap. Cold feed has the following advantages and disadvantages. 1, cold feed extruder sensitivity to pressure is small, while the nose or mouth resistance increases pressure. But not squeeze SuLu reduce. 2, because without thermal refining processes, reduce the factors that affect the quality, to squeeze out more evenly. 3, the thermal process of the rubber is short, the higher temperature and extrusion are less likely to develop early sulfide. 4, wide application range, flexible and applicable natural rubber. Styrene butadiene rubber, NBR. Butyl rubber, etc. 5, cold feed extruder of investment and production cost is low, the cost of the cold feed extruder heat feed extruder by fifty percent, but it does not require mixing mill feed and other related articles recommendation: extrusion process of silicone rubber products and extrusion machine is introduced
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