Teeth that have potential safety hazard? Is water injection well and silicone tooth gum?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Promote infant safety growth is modern urban family are pay attention to the problem, each infant growing hard to avoid dealing with the teeth molar stick on the road, as the old wooden teeth to stick, in to the arrival of the thermoplastic material, until now the silicone material, baby teeth that are after the change of different age, and in the end still has not changed, the purpose of that is ensuring the safety of the children. Recently some teeth glue leaking to learn children appear the phenomenon of have loose bowels! The emergence of this phenomenon for many consumers to the teeth begin to question, later came to know that because of waterflood teeth biting the inside of the liquid outflow caused by children. And according to this situation, the silicone factory is a combination of several factors on the safety of the water injection tooth tooth rubber and silicone rubber, a little advice to consumers, 'dental silicone rubber or water injection tooth gum is better' tooth gum water injection EVA resin adhesive material is mainly adopted to appearance design, this kind of its material with good toughness, tensile folding and this kind of material on the basis of a certain or a guarantee, the relatively low volatile substances, does not produce harmful substances in the oral cavity, so it's difficult to from actual water above the teeth appear rupture phenomenon, so in theory an infant bite is can't take this material bite broken, the main reason may be the baby tooth gum manufacturer for the lack of strict quality control, leading to a small amount of inferior products into the market. And appear the cause of diarrhea babies are related to water injection liquid of the teeth? According to handover, water injection water belongs to the 'distilled water' of the teeth is ordinary water, high temperature and some water injection of the teeth have different color, this problem will lead to consumers doubt, if you want to add color, can according to color depth add natural pigment, water-soluble plant pigments, also called anthocyanins, you can join the anthocyanins of different colors to get all sorts of color of water, safety and health, and some of the water injection of the teeth must be edible pigment, may also be mixed pigment industry, if is industrial pigment, the children once bitten will produce certain harm. So it is also a problem tooth gel, water injection current basic belong to safe non-toxic material, thermoplastic material is mainly in the process of production processing factory material whether to choose security environmental protection material made. And the security of dental silicone rubber will relatively higher than waterflood tooth gum, but according to different ages, 0 1 year old baby haven't long teeth suggest using water injection tooth gum, 1 - After 3 years old started to have teeth suggest using silicone tooth glue, silica gel mainly depends on the advantages of good density can be achieved to arbitrary tensile bite is not easy to damage, water resistant performance is good, not bibulous, high density, moistureproof waterproof effect is good, also is the security in the market at present is one of the most into practice the teeth.
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