Teach you how to distinguish between silicone products and latex products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silica gel and the latex itself is difficult to distinguish, so most of the time want to distinguish a product is silicone products or latex products will be very trouble, the rubber is to introduce several commonly used identification method: 1, look, natural latex surface crusting phenomena, looks like a creme material, pressure will produce natural fold. Synthetic latex through high temperature distillation the each link, add powder will send near black, so the general synthetic latex will add a lot of the fluorescent agent and bleaching agent to cover up the phenomenon, so synthetic latex will look very white, and the surface will shine. Natural latex through high temperature distillation, yellow, after passes through a water washing, wash can present a light yellow or yellow and white color. Natural latex to make there are air bubbles, now in the process cannot be avoided, so too perfect products need to be careful. 2, smell, latex was actually natural rubber SAP's nickname, so the essence of natural latex rubber SAP is still, although material of rubber juice milky white looks like milk, but their essence is different, so there would be no so-called milk incense. The pure natural latex product presented should be light rubber, rather than the so-called milk incense. Synthesis of emulsion in the production process, there will be a volatile chemicals, pungent smell, in order to cover up the taste will be added to the essence. Get to the point, natural latex itself can make a big rubber smell, at the time of water to wash the procedure, will wash away most of the flavor, that is why there will be a faint smell of rubber. But some workers in the water, not washed thoroughly, so some will be yellow or a strong rubber smell. 3, touch, natural rubber touch feel is smooth, a bit like the feeling of touch no dry clothes, a little hand. The touch feel is very good, like petting infant skin feel. And the product can be folded in half and then give up, the natural emulsion will more flexible can play up, silicone products, do not have this ability. 4, ripping, natural latex is moderately strong characteristics, so can't ripping, ripping the natural latex products will be torn. Synthetic latex for add glue is very strong, so, very resistant to tear it. Some products touch gently pull is bad, bad or it's products produced by itself, so be careful. 5, and other natural latex products can't in vacuum condition for a long time, because of its characteristics of the slow rebound, it takes about an hour after vacuum was able to recover, more than a month, need longer time, and he has a great chance to damage the molecular structure, a can rebound. If can't recover, so this product can only be scrapped. So the general natural latex products are generally not vacuum. Synthesis of can in vacuum condition for a long time, in the rapidly expanding after opening, restorable. Finally, in the market now claims to be a lot of natural latex products, but the true and false or the need to distinguish, natural latex products will become yellow, year by year because of its natural decomposable characteristics, so don't be placed in the condition of high temperature exposure for a long time. And silica gel products will not only high and low temperature resistance, and can be washed, drain the wash water in dry ventilated place natural shade.
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