Teach you 3 d printer making silicone gasket

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Recently, industrial designer Eric Strebel in famous video website released an interesting video on YouTube, teach you how to use 3 d printing mold successfully make the silicone gasket. Although you can also support the silicone material by buying a 3 d printer, but about a few people, this is not an option, because the production of silicone object is not so rare. And, it turns out, if have a suitable device, using custom 3 d printing techniques can also be easily produce silicone object. Eric Strebel showed his way, looks very strong, though not so efficient, but, after all, can reach our goal of a DIY project, it is enough. Strebel this way need equipment is a vacuum chamber, I'm afraid a lot of people also have no this kind of equipment, but it is not difficult to buy, and the price is not expensive, general e-commerce sites, such as the amazon will have to sell, the price between $100 and $200, the function of the vacuum chamber is remove the gas in the silica gel, to ensure that no air bubbles appear outside forming object. In this video is not involved in one aspect is the limitation on the design: not any geometry can use silicone molding, because some shape after silica gel condensation is not easy to move out in the mould. But in this project, because of the complicated circular objects made of just a silicone gasket, easy molding, so there is no this problem. Strebel of 3 d printing mould is made up of several mutual lock parts, about the mould design is also key, because a number of different components must be closely together, in case of leakage. And because the need to inject silica gel in the manufacturing process, so also need to design some pathways to help air escape, lest it was wrapped in liquid silicone. Strebel introduced the production of silica gel in the video object way, though complex, is fundamental, can be made based on the extended objects, to create a more complex products. Recommended products: silicone gasket
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