swiss legend - beautiful watches that stand the test of time

by:Keyuan     2020-07-22
It can shock you, but men and women are different.
Especially in terms of watches.
Women usually have many watches that they wear on different occasions, at different times and in different costumes.
So there is no problem with them buying quite a few watches.
Since some of these clocks may have been used only a few times, the quality is not as important as the value of their accessories.
But usually, men don\'t buy watches on a whim.
They only have a selection of clocks that are used regularly.
Therefore, although the appearance is not important, men prefer watches that are durable, reliable and worn for a long timelasting.
That\'s why Swiss legendary watches are so popular among gentlemen around the world.
The Swiss legend enjoys a high reputation for providing not only a style and grade, but also a clock that can stand the test of time.
Here are some examples of Swiss legend famous for its exquisite craftsmanship: President automatic sandstone dial crocodile strap watch this unique watch is highly representative in any environment.
It has silver-tone hands and numbers on the front, driven by the automatic CL888 movement, which can be observed through the back of the exhibition.
This watch comes with a gold case and a blue sandstone dial, or a silver case with a red dial.
This bold and powerful watch begins with a silver one-way rotating bezel and a round rectangular tungsten sleeve.
Round mom in black or white will impress youof-
The Pearl watch plate on the front and the exhibition on the back show the Swiss Claro 888 automatic movement of the watch.
The silver tone index marks and numbers match the solid tungsten bracelet. Black speeding car-
IP Swiss automatic rubber strap watch textured black bezel and round black ion
The plated case makes this watch the perfect watch for contemporary men who are always busy.
It has unscrewed crown, border trim and lugs in gold, silver or rose tones.
The front of the watch is made of textured black inner dial, and the black paint surface is made of white and red numbers;
The back of the exhibition shows its automatic CL-888 3-hand movement.
Ionic Swiss quartz rubber strap
The black and gold, rose, or silver round stainless steel case is the biggest ever in Swiss legend.
The triangle and round index marks, White second tracks and bone pointers are prominently displayed on the black dial and powered by the Swiss ISA 2331/103 quartz movement.
The black silicone rubber environmental protection case and supports a one-way Coin edge rotary baffle with a case matching mark and a luminous indicator.
Commander timed rubber strap watch this sports adventure watch starts with a blue, red or black dial with a silver digital and index mark and three dials.
The top of the round silver stainless steel case is a matching one-way rotating bezel with digital stamp marks engraved on it.
The watch is also equipped with a speedometer for speed calculation and 20 ATMs.
Reserve automatic stainless steel bracelet watch
The round dial on this watch is available in red, yellow, black, white or blue.
The front is marked with glowing Arabic numerals and index marks, and the Swiss CL888 automatic movement is displayed on the back.
Tighten the top to secure the round stainless steel housing in the appropriate position.
Endeavor Swiss automatic Polyurethane Strap watch this bold and durable watch turns your head wherever you go.
The black strap with contrast stitching perfectly complements the round red case, silver bezel and red bezel
Display the back of the colorful exhibition of the Swiss CL888 automatic movement.
The glowing hours, minutes, and seconds pass through the red, blue, black, or white dial.
Vault Black IP Swiss chronograph leather strap watch smooth modern watch easily recognized by three time meter plates on the round Black dial with a glowing silver tone pointer.
It perfectly matches the black bottle top edge baffle and the black push and pull table crown and the functional pusher.
The watch is powered by the Swiss g10.
211 timed movement.
The round textured dial on this unique watch is delicate and elegant, provided in black with the Ruby gem index mark or in white with the sapphire gem index mark.
Driven by the Swiss CL888 automatic movement, this gold hand card can be viewed through the back of the exhibition.
This unique watch features a round gold stainless steel case and a black or brown strap.
When you buy a watch, you definitely want a watch that looks beautiful on your wrist.
But if you accidentally hit the watch on the side of the table, you don\'t have to worry that the watch will explode.
The Swiss legendary watch is constructed not only to catch the eye, but also to withstand years of wear and tear.
So rest assured that when you buy the Swiss legendary watch, its strength, toughness and reliability are unmatched by any other watch manufacturer.
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