Surface of silica gel products way of dealing with the dark mark have?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
To talk about before product surface appearance appear dark mark, lack of material and traces the causes of sulphide, this kind of phenomenon in phenomenon of bad appearance of the surface of silica gel products processing technology is one of the factors that most customers and consumers is difficult to accept, and silica gel products outside surface of harmful factors more extensive, forming vulcanization process of components is relatively extensive, so for bad appearance surface treatment methods need how to solve? Though silicone products processing factory production in the process of surface bad main proportion in moulding vulcanization process, but it is said that medicine taking root, so the surface of silica gel products have roots of dealing with the adverse factors, specific or from the aspects of raw material and mold the two to feel! Silicone raw materials: silica gel products raw materials for different properties of products have different mixing and matching, so understanding for external adverse phenomenon, white carbon black surface factor is based on the product appearance is different as well as the ratio of silicone resin added component, because raw materials are semi-permeable white glue so, in the middle of the mixing process of mixing rubber mixing and the mixing degree of vulcanizing agent depends on the quality of the rubber, the poor and the surface of the product on the factors of raw materials and it is more than that! Silicone mold: mold is the core of the silica gel products, in the mold steel material selection on the occupied the main factors, in the process of the second processing surface bad it could well be the amounts of pressing mould appear deformation phenomenon, lead to bad appearance of silica gel products. Followed by mold finishing process, the mold fine milling determines the clamping of the product line and the down side and the side wheel Angle and so on. Molding vulcanized silicone products: shaping curing process, the product way of exhaust, and air trapping schedule determines the bulge phenomenon of silica gel products, time and temperature of mixing inaccurate bad is likely to lead to the dark mark appear, in addition of the most important still is the machine operation method and note condition, in the end the main or in the manufacturing process of random strain, silica gel products should be how to appropriate parameter configuration, and so on professional silicone products manufacturer - Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. ( Article/guijiaochanpinxifuhu. html)
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