Super upset _ silicone rubber silicone products insulating sheath

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Distribution substation in order to ensure the security of electricity transmission, usually in the electrical node need to adopt insulation protection measures, the most widely used way is to use with silicone rubber insulating sheath measures to implement. After a long-term production and living, found that people made of silicone rubber insulating sheath products, provide excellent insulation protection for electrical contact solution. The characteristics of silicone rubber insulating sheath: silicone rubber insulating sheath raw materials made of silicone rubber products with strong aging resistance of polymer materials and high quality silicone rubber high temperature vulcanization. From physical appearance can quickly distinguish contrast the stand or fall of a silicone rubber insulating sheath product technique. A good insulating sheath from the selection of raw materials has strict requirements, usually good silicone rubber can from the simple physical appearance, such as color, appear a gender, toughness, etc, to observe. Excellent insulating sheath adopted strict high temperature vulcanization process, so that products meet never variant, high flexibility, high tear etc. Rigorous process and production process to produce in line with the uv radiation, strong hydrophobicity, ageing resistance, meet outdoor long running condition such as qualified products. Otherwise, any link flaw and the lack of technology will lead to product can not meet the national standards, producing unqualified products, bring significant security hidden trouble to the substation insulation protection, the consequences will be very serious. How to choose silicone rubber insulating sheath: 1. Silicone material to connect fully, good gloss, good for silicone products. 2, product flexibility compared two, how good silicone rubber sheath products production of silicone rubber insulating sheath: feeding, weighing process full of braking process of product after trimming the mold polishing processes after quality inspection and pressure test sampling observation, put on the certificate of approval. Packaging factory
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