Summarize the silicone rubber cause of bubbles

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
According to the years of rubber production experience, in the production of silicone products, produce bubbles cause product is not complete rupture is our biggest problem, to solve the problem to find the problem, and then to solve it. Now it's time to explore silicone causes of bubbles. 1. Exhaust is insufficient, the silicone raw materials placed in forming mould, in the closing moments will into a lot of air, and air is impossible with silica gel material, if did not come out the air emissions, will cause the silicone button after molding surface bubbles. 2. Curing temperature is too low, curing temperature is an important parameter of the silicone rubber molding, silicone products are usually set in 160 ~ 200 degrees Celsius, but sometimes a mould operation time is too long, or other reasons make the mold for a long time not to open the vulcanizing machine heating, lead to the silicone molding temperature low curing temperature and silica gel, can cause bubbles after molding products at this time. We need higher mold temperature, or empty mold into the machine heating for a period of time in the operation can solve the problem. 3. Curing temperature is too high, just say the curing temperature is too low will cause the silica gel forming bubbles, in fact, most of the time molding temperature is too high will cause the same silica gel forming bubbles. Why is that? People are so understanding, forming at high temperature, in the process of clamping pressure on the surface of the silica gel materials already began to take shape, the air has been trapped in it is very difficult to discharge, so will cause forming bubbles. For this reason, just put the mold temperature can be reduced. 4. Vulcanization time is too short, the same as curing temperature, curing time is one of the important parameters of the silicone molding, vulcanization time length determines the silica gel can be completely cure. If the curing time is too short, not only caused the silicone molding after faruan, easier to cause the surface bubbles. Appear this kind of bad can be appropriately extend the curing time of silicone. 5. Mold structure is unreasonable, silica gel forming die design is not reasonable can also cause the silicone molding have bubbles, such as mould products in the way of arrangement, zoning, mold parting ways, such as the size of the mould design can create bubbles, but a set of mould cost is high, and modify also not too easy, if the silicone molding bubble caused by the mould structure, so often from the things mentioned above to find a way to solve. Above is the summary of the situation we according to the production reality, everybody if there is a reason, to welcome you all to discuss together.
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