substitute for parchment paper when baking meringue

by:Keyuan     2020-07-16
Crispy fish are made of sweet egg proteins that have been beaten to hard peaks.
The baking process is actually drying for hours in a warm oven for a long time.
To make it easier to remove the golden ingu fish from your baking tray, you can lay the parchment paper on the baking tray and then put the laid egg flower on it to dry.
While parchment paper is ideal, there are also many acceptable alternatives.
SilpatSilpat is a favorite silicone baking pad for professional bakers.
These sheets are made of silicone and can be reused over and over again.
From bread to shortbread, none of your baked goods stick to silicone, which makes them a great, full
Baking AIDS.
Wax paper is the most similar alternative to parchment paper.
The tendency of waxing paper to stick to ghee during baking is slightly higher, so be careful when you peel the paper off the dry ghee.
Aluminum foilnext, a replacement similar to parchment paper, is aluminum foil.
The flexibility of the aluminum foil allows you to lift the shortbread from the baking pan easily and gently peel them off the foil instead of trying to scrape them off the pan with a spatula or knife.
Like parchment and wax paper, aluminum foil reduces cleaning time by not having to scrub the baking pan.
Silicone rubber molds allow you to create the perfect shape of the meringues.
These molds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will allow you to be creative with stacked desserts to create beautiful displays.
Because the mold is flexible, you can turn each well gently inside
Release a meringues at a time.
When all the other methods fail and you don\'t have anything on hand to arrange the baking tray, you can apply it gently to the baking tray with a cooking or baking spray.
The baking spray contains a small amount of flour for the release of pastries and baked goods from the pan.
If you use a cooking spray, you can gently wipe the oily surface with candy teacher\'s sugar to help promote the drying of golden fruits and their release from the pan.
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