Steamed bun with silica gel pad will be poisonous? Give an approval in principle.

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
In life will inevitably encounter the silicone pad, some time ago, there are personal to the food and drug administration, found in a costs is 'plastic pad' steamed steamed stuffed bun, worry not safe. Subsequently, the reporter and food drug administration staff to complaints from the supermarket, we learned just know, this kind of white porous cooking mat is food made from silica gel, conforms to the food with rubber health standard. When most people think that cooking temperature is very high, the steamed stuffed bun pad under the 'plastic' if melting at high temperature, glue on food is to eat into the stomach, it is not toxic? Most of the costs of all gasket by ten percent on the steamer. Recently went to a few costs, see a steamed stuffed bun shop doorway in a costs of the steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun with a piece of white and steamer bottom cushion between the membrane, it has the many small holes through them. When asked about and why want to use this kind of membrane, the shop owner said, this is the silicone steamer mat, steamed stuffed bun is not easy to stick on it, and easy cleaning. 'Dozens of yuan a, quality must be guaranteed, don't but heart, not plastic, silicone. We use since the beginning of the year. 'Said the boss chose this mat instead of the traditional bamboo mat or cloth, because the silica gel pad is not easy to breed bacteria, and more convenient to wash, pasta steamed also easy, not like sticky on the steamed stuffed bun, destroy the appearance. Silicone pad is silicone products in the category of product market demand more. Has the property of silica gel, has the certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation properties, compression, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, chemical stability, environmental safety, no peculiar smell, food-grade silicone pad non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, green product is a highly active. Now has been widely used in electronics, industrial, household, etc. A lot of kinds of industries. The article from the professional manufacturer of silicone mat - Reprint please indicate the source!
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