Steamed bun with paper or silica gel pad

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Steamed bun with paper or silica gel mat? There is no standard answer, it depends on personal preferences. Oiled paper and silica gel pad the advantages disadvantages of oiled paper paper surface light without oiled paper, the main purpose is to bake bread, bake a cake, scones when mat under the food, so as to keep a clean pan. Cup cake and package of KFC chicken wings that are made of greaseproof paper bag. Its role is play the effect of the oil in a certain time. Can also be used for steamed steamed stuffed bun steamed buns, etc. , cut it into small squares, under the steamed stuffed bun steamed bread, the effect is very good, saves on the washing gauze. The disposable use, the disadvantage is that the paper shorter, anti-sticking effect is poor. Silicone gasket material is glass fiber coated with silica gel, more resistant to 260 degrees, can be used for several years, demoulding effect is good, cleaning is very convenient and can be cleaned dishwasher, expensive price tarps, product thick feel is good, the surface can be printed formula, such as convenient size, shape, cookies baking, non-slip surface, can be used from dough to bake the entire silicone pad, repeated kneading there won't be printed, defect is not cutting.
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