Star Wars fans will love these Millennium Falcon ice molds

by:Keyuan     2020-07-27
If you are a hardcore Star Wars nerd and have mourned the end of the entire series, there is a way to celebrate your fan base, postponing the heartbreaking feeling of never seeing another intergalactic battle: look at the Falcon ice model over the years.
Almost everyone likes to have a refreshing drink at some point, so if you\'re going to use any set of ice molds, you \'d better use them.
These silicone molds make two fun, complex ice Millennium Falcon
They make your drink cold almost at the speed of light (or almost the speed of light), and thanks to silicone, you get a perfect replica of two real things every time.
In this way, you can remember the good times of the past while enjoying the carnival.
Watch the whole legend again.
What you choose to put in the cup is entirely up to you, but we recommend one of the beers you might find in the pub at chalmon.
Take yourself to a distant galaxy: Normally, the life of the Falcon ice model is $14.
99, but you can buy it now for only $9. 99.
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