specification and design tips for military keypads and rugged conditions

by:Keyuan     2020-06-16
When it comes to the military use of silicone rubber molding, the most important thing is to ensure that it meets the specifications under harsh conditions.
From the heat to strong winds and sandstorms, it is practical to ensure that new products work in a variety of climates.
Choosing the right material to use and designing the right location is two significant factors to consider when creating a new product.
Sand protection imagine, in the desert, trying to use computers or other communication devices, where there is little protection for elements.
The sand will enter everything.
Fine sand and dust can penetrate into cracks on the keyboard or computer on a regular basis and penetrate into the internal work of the machine until it becomes unavailable.
One of the most effective ways to eliminate this problem is to seal every crack and gap on the device.
Military rubber keyboard can do this.
For example, a general design can provide protection for the interior of a keyboard or communication device so that only the exterior is affected by fine sand.
It does not stick to the silicone rubber molding and does not penetrate.
Unlike some designs, a fully wrapped shell can provide label buttons with silicone ink that does not fade or wear out during daily sand blasting or continuous outdoor use in harsh conditions.
The moisture resistance of working in water on board or on board provides a humid environment that is corrosive to many materials.
Silicone rubber molding can become wet without affecting its shape or use.
It will not break up or rust.
The same is true for salt water and fresh water conditions.
Immersion, such as an underwater keyboard device that activates a camera or military ammunition, should not affect the use of the task
Key equipment.
Military keyboard molding and components made of silicone rubber do not affect their use.
In some military missions, the use of light for communication equipment in the dark is a key factor.
For example, a night tour may need to be able to see different keyboards.
Although night vision is useful in some cases, it has a rubber keyboard with self-function
Lighting is more practical.
The backlit rubber keyboard is a solution.
They can work deep under the dark, while checking the partitions, or through the dark forest on their way to a specific destination.
The use of silica gel at high and low altitudes does not affect efficiency.
Whether it\'s on a space station, on a high mountain, or deep under the submarine, the silicone rubber components will not break or melt due to height and pressure.
This means that anyone using a keyboard or keyboard can complete the communication as needed when everything else is ready.
When designing a new device or keyboard for military use, it is important to incorporate the sturdy specifications into the plan.
Consultants from military keyboard forming manufacturers can advise designers on the essential elements necessary to achieve the best results using the right type of silicone rubber material and process.
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