Special industry high-end silicone foam board

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Everyone should know the oil industry and the coal industry is the 'blood', so they in the production and processing all kinds of equipment, materials use requirement is very strict, can't appear any omissions, silicone foam board is also one of the types. The heat radiator silicone foam board requires no zinc, naked in vulcanization jar but the foaming silica gel plate vulcanizing, in aerobic conditions, peroxide can cause of rubber vulcanizates and make the vulcanized rubber surface sticky performance degradation. Therefore, to explore blowing nitrogen deoxidization process, anaerobic steam curing to replace aerobic steam curing is very important. From the point of equipment, process and cost, are industry face the problem. Silicone foam board in the oil industry applications: China national offshore oil development strategy put forward the key development in the coastal and shallow sea oil field, and as a result, the oil industry in addition to using foaming silica gel plate, vibration drilling foaming silica gel plate, also requires the use of shallow sea oil foaming silica gel plate. Shallow submarine oil foaming silica gel plate domestic existing production, but floating type or half float type oil foaming silicone oil foaming silica gel plate and the ocean bed plate is still rely on imports. According to statistics, if by 2020 silicone rubber accounts for the proportion of rubber consumption in our country from the current six. 5% to 33%, so the overall domestic self-sufficiency rubber in China but from the current rise about 50% to 80%, market potential is unlimited, so to speak. By 2020, silicone rubber consumption accounted for the proportion is expected to reach 20% ~ 33%, the silicone rubber consumption is expected to reach 3 million ~ 5 million tons. In other words, the silicone rubber industry development potential and future development are very attractive, and its rapid development also will be extremely far-reaching impact on upstream and downstream industries.
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