South China manufacturing mong district, silica gel products garden

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
As one of China's seven major geographical position in south China, accomplished the main provinces of high-speed economic development, including fujian, guangxi, hainan, Hong Kong, Macao and other geographic position, the silicone rubber industry in the silicone products industry in fujian, hainan resin industry in various areas of the world to provide main material, in southern China manufacturing mainly around the pearl river delta regional economic development, as the economic developed provinces, yangjiang to become the industry prosperous area of industrial development, closely connected with the provincial capital, guangzhou manufacturing industry, silicone rubber industry in the coming years will become one of the main industries of the river. In previous years it seems yangjiang silicone products manufacturer industry have a certain improvement, in order to strengthen the development of industry improve the bearing capacity of the major industrial park, yangjiang city mainly silver ridge, yi Dong, three industrial district environmental protection as the goal, the spread of industrial capacity to strengthen equipment update, the campus expansion, such as the improvement of the environment problem, the government will support emerging small and medium-sized enterprises to make industrial transformation and upgrading, introduced the industry professional expert can communicate, foster new industry cluster, especially for hardware products, electrical components, rubber and plastic products and so on as the key development projects. From the perspective of the development of usual yangjiang are enterprises are moved to silver ridge industrial park, as we have learned this year some silicone products manufacturer in xiamen and shenzhen hardware companies have intention to move to silver ridge industrial area, drive the river one of the strong momentum of economic development, regardless of in any area of silicone rubber industry with its own advantage and how occupied the market, in southern China, large and small, well there are hundreds of silicone enterprises, while the upper Dong industry to related department planning as the main products of silicon park, so want to develop industry and design where you should be able to find like-minded people. Silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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