Solid color rubber silicone products added to is not important?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
In silicone products industry, want to make a qualified finished product, so the production process of rubber additives majority, spread by many additives in silicone can play a good effect, achieve the quality of the product standard, so for many late simple add process is very important for a qualified silicone products, such as adding color rubber, vulcanizing fluorescent powder and so on, and today for everyone imagine color adhesive and the effect of different additive toner. We all know, the color of the silicone products is by color and toner and several ways, such as colour grain for solid molding process of industry insiders silicone product debugging color basic it is to add the color glue instead of particles and toner, so the importance of color is entirely up to you to color rubber paint mixing, processing fine particles, such as silicone material basically is to rely on color rubber its color rubber concentration of visual selective absorption and mixer thermal conditioned reflex and achieved effect, so the toner fine-grained and thick degree is very important, must better dispersion performance, resistance to ultraviolet (uv) absorption effect and so on. So in silicone products factory for color glue debugging is a very complicated process, the dose of rubber once the control is not good, that could lead to two questions, one, dose beyond, products in the online for a long time follow-up costs will continue to increase, then the cost does not control, second, the product color is error, the subsequent batch mixing the rubber unaware when batch number in color, and produce bad batch. So the toning process for any silicone rubber products and rubber mixing batch mixing all need to focus on attention! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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