Soft rubber products custom silicone material or plastic material good choice

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Thermoplastic elastomer is one of popular software products, TPE, TPU two materials in recent years more popular with people, currently lives around a lot in electronic appliances, living auxiliary supplies can be seen among them, compared with silica gel products material, it has a great deal of similarity and belong to the software system of rubber material, but because of their different performance also let them have the use of different areas, then you know what is the difference between them? In previous years the application of silicone product material for electronic industry life more extensive, especially smart dress and adornment has its own form of daily necessities and some arts and crafts, and with the TPE, TPU material, people would reduce the hardness of polyester ammonia to reach the hardness of silica gel in the injection molding method was adopted to realize the silicone products many process, and in some product of its features, and beyond the silica gel material, such as surface finish, the degree of hard and soft as well as the appearance of the parting line, and so on. In addition silicone products in addition to the injection molding process, molding process products compared with TPE materials have some differences, which is more noticeable appearance and structure or constraints, but the main or because the material of the secondary utilization, silicone material after curing only smelting in extracting silicone oil, and TPE material different it can be used twice, it is because of these deficiencies, silica gel application development was limited, and TPE elastomer material just perfect the silica gel of these shortcomings. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE On the basis of SEBS blending modification) With silica gel close to the hardness and elasticity, and feel and environmental performance can be comparable to the silicone. More importantly, TPE elastomer material can be directly rapid injection or extrusion molding, and TPE material can be 100% recycled, and the cost of materials and silica gel fairly or slightly cheaper. TPE materials in line with the eu environmental standards, through the FDA food grade certification, safe non-toxic, so in recent years, TPE instead of silicone elastomer material, in the medical products, food packaging, tableware, daily products, electronics and other industries are widely used in smart wear. Thermoplastic rubber soft material can replace silica gel which application? Feel good products: such as handle, wrap class products. Can try to use TPE to replace silica gel, of course, the need to provide special TPE TPE supplier formula solution. Electronic accessories products: following, smart and intelligent band bracelets bracelets, and so on can use PVC instead of silica gel, PVC is quicker than the silicone molding, the yield is higher, can reduce the cost. Medical appliance categories: TPE instead of silica gel in the medical industry application is approve by the customer. Medical grade TPE can through health inspection agency of biology, chemistry, physics and so on, and TPE processing don't need to sulfide, and broken material and leftover material can be recycled, save cost, its hardness and physical properties of adjustable, more can meet the customers' different requirements. Food utensils, food grade cap and eat mat and rubber plug, lunch boxes, gloves to handle, etc. , the main body of its contact with the food material, can use don't with a few kinds to instead of silica gel, because thermoplastic soft rubber products and materials can be through the FDA food grade certification, in line with the eu environmental standards, easy to control and processing ways. Although a lot of soft rubber material has many advantages, but many places in the aspect of soft rubber can't replace silicon in hardness, soft silicone material than TPE material a lot, and feel more smooth, and TPE is back to a hard texture, the solid silica gel can be up to 15 degrees, while the TPE in only thirty or forty degrees or so, so can't get to. TPE heat resistance effect on heat resistance compared with silica gel still has certain difference, resistance to temperature range in - silicone material Without any influence between 40 ℃ and 230 ℃, and TPE material is divided into different levels of heat-resistant, ordinary materials regular temperature at 90 degrees, TPEE material heat resistance at 150 degrees, 100 degrees within better liquidity within the above materials will be affected by high temperature. Silicone material and making a better in tensile resilience, although with TPE material is also good tensile strength, but it exists the phenomenon of deformation after stretching molecules can be destroyed, so can't long stretch, and silica gel has good rebound strength, hardness, strength of its rebound at the end of the better. In safety and environmental protection, both their respective advantages, but compared with silicone materials react with any material will not conflict, and there are different types of TPE, such as styrene, olefin and diolefin, vinyl chloride, polyurethane, in each of the climate and environmental temperature humidity conditions can appear compression deformation, resilience and durability will decrease, but the overall advantages of TPE is still outstanding, it has to do with silicone products, each party development prospect is good.
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