Smoke a transparent silicone sets, and other silicone products can be printed pattern

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
Smoke a transparent silicone sets, and other silicone products can print design, of course, the main process is divided into pad printing and screen printing. Below silicon technology will take you to understand, the difference between the two process: the pad printing, pad printing with steel plate and rubber head substrates for printing, graphic sun on steel plate, steel plate on the ink, steel plate on the graphic to transfer to glue on the head, then on substrates. Mainly monochrome printing products, if you have five or six color, also can use color pad printing. But the cost would be higher effect may not ideal, the main advantages are simple production process quickly. Silk screen, full screen printing is a traditional craft, such as plate, film, tinted process, main is to pass on the coated screen printing ink, the ink will be leakage from the design of screen aperture place into a corresponding pattern on the silicone products. Screen printing process requirements to the operation of the staff is higher, because in the eye of a needle clogging may arise in operation, matching color offset, and so on and so forth. The biggest advantages of screen printing process can smoke in a transparent silica gel sets, printing is a complex and elegant design. If customers want to order silicone sets can find silicone technology, the factory has screen printing and pad printing equipment, also owns more than silicone sulfide production line. Factory can meet the requirements of customers for delivery, and solve any problems encountered in the process of the customer in order. Silicone technology can design for customers smoke oil silica gel set, the factory has a strong development capabilities. Customer if there is one sample, can send the samples to give us help you map plane, 3 d, also can modify the size to your satisfaction. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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