Small silica gel products rapid trimming method!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Flash trim is an essential process of silica gel products industry, there are some products in after the completion of the molding production will maintain a lot of burrs on the stitches come out from the rubber, some large products can be easily dismantled easily from the above flash but there are some small products even in clamping mould clamping online perfectly, down the side without difficulty but in the face of large volume, the number of tens of millions of need artificial boundary, the consumption of artificial enough I don't know will cost much time! Sometimes some small seal, seal small accessories such as product size is too small, especially some hole is more, the whole piece of the products that you need to adopt the method of mechanical trimming, mechanical trimming is to use mechanical CuoMo edge machine, die cutting, circular knife torn edges, etc. , mainly for the burrs is meticulous, batch processing, make the stitch on the burrs off quickly, for small products and large Numbers of cases, is the most efficient way. Mechanical trimming hardness in 30 - 60 degrees or so, if it is too hard in mechanical adjustment size when not good at any time may cause the product breakdown phenomenon, so usually don't put high hardness products in reproduction, and mechanical trimming have a bad problem, because the machinery is according to your products size to adjust the size, so it's very important to adjust the size, if size error is too big may cause the product flash play not to drop, if too small and may break products, so in the use of edge machine with several products first try is feasible. Now in the process of silica gel products factory production is mainly faced several open boundary method, artificial trimming, mechanical trimming, frozen trimming, etc. , mechanical trimming can only fast processing a lot of burrs, finally still need manual inspection, so far the most common or artificial trimming, can get very good control on quality, and the appearance of the trimming and moulding line will be better than mechanical, defect is low efficiency! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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