Since the baby with the silicone bowl, mother no longer worry about bowl broke

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Believe that many mothers give package while feeding BABY are very upset, because the BABY like yourself take bowl, sometimes accidentally broke his bowl. Therefore, there is a baby silicone bowl, 1 - oriented 6 years old children use. My mother never worry about the bowl was broken at home. Silica gel tableware bowls of alkaloids is: not afraid, no matter how children and will not put the bowl broke and don't have to worry about home bowl was broken baby. Silicone bowl is not only practical, also to have the innovation, the shape silicone bowl each have characteristics of different brands, omni-directional to cater to the be fond of, oh baby! In the design of the silicone bowl, will carry out the basics of concept, in the simplest way to create fashion aesthetic, details of our products conform to do is to do will do fine details of subtlety, both beautiful and practical products. We start bit glue, gradually to the expansion of the maternal and infant, dedicated to provide more sophisticated fine products for babies, let baby get better trial experience, plate colorful candy colors must be able to harvest the baby's heart. Adhere to the creative design and high quality products, also focus on the health of the baby. Silica gel plate shape of interesting and lovely, let the children love to eat more. As the scope expanding gradually, has introduced a new baby products, baby silicone bowl through innovative design, conquer the baby and mom's heart. Because the silica gel plate is not only practical, and also very give prize on design, let the baby to see the fall in love with it at the first glance.
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