Silicone zero wallet: your personal ornaments

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
For love of the people, when two pockets filled with things, but hands still holding a little things or change, the mood should be impatient, and whether you also in the hands of the change and key items place and not worry? But it doesn't matter the silicone products zero wallet will outlet for you, this summer is late for a lady friend, heart of the love of beauty is no, go where I don't need a bag as a decoration, and a backpack or bag remind is too big, the weather is hot but many women don't want to carry such a collateral and easy to sweat, so it went in the summer where are still necessary need a silicone zero wallet. Silica gel products now in life has become attached jewelry accessories, and filed called material, everybody is the first impact of chemistry with molding, about ten color will have an impact on the body, but for the friend that understand the silica gel, many friends will feel familiar with 'green material' for silicone zero wallet, use more should still find it more convenient friend, walk-in, simple light, simple fashion, after the development of silicone products in recent years, zero wallet than backward, and not with previous drab, rough and so on, with the development of science and technology now, domestic silicone products manufacturing technology promotion, can produce all kinds of style design, design and color, shape. Now most of the zero wallet for the younger generation, so must make improvement on design, keep up with the trend of The Times now, and we are silicone zero wallet common surface treatment is divided into above, screen printing, pad printing, dispensing, vulcanization molding and so on process. On the market a wide range of zero wallet, can clearly see how many sales. And it is transparent in terms of price, a lot of leather, PU material have some obvious advantages, so highly appreciated in the region, it is not only a kind of fashion accessories, as a promotional gift also is a very good choice, and now the silicone zero wallet has towards the international stage, a very high popularity both at home and abroad! Silica gel products co. , LTD. , xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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