Silicone vacuum cup manufacturers recommendation: can fold the silica gel glass

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Believe you must have a 'beloved' vacuum cup, it or glass, or stainless steel, or plastic, have you heard of the silicone vacuum cup? This kind of silicone material temperature and the vacuum cup common market have why to distinguish? Then we have to tell me the differences between keep-warm glass and common glass, vacuum cup can heat preservation, mainly lies in its design - — A layer of the tank. We know that the heat transmission has three ways: radiation, and convection ( You can understand for direct contact with heat source) 。 Which played the role of two layer of bladder, cups and one is the outermost layer formed between a vacuum area, while good vacuum hinders the heat convection; Second is basic has a vacuum tank wall coating, the coating can be a very good reflect heat radiation boiled water. So what is the principle of silica gel temperature? Is very simple, and the principle of double vacuum cup, but in terms of technology, combines isolating reflection heat sources and heat transfer in a piece, that is to say, silica gel and only a layer of insulating glass. That you may want to, we often use the vacuum cup design into two layers, one of the reasons is to prevent hot, and the silica gel temperature is only one layer, and how to use? Hold such doubts also is very normal, because the silicone products haven't completely into our life, here is simple about one of the main features: silica gel insulation, very can heat insulation. Silicone raw materials in the process of refining, according to the different levels of technology, can make many kinds of silicone products. During the refining process by adding some accessories, can be made after the forming of high and low temperature resistance of silicone products is very good, can is equal to the cold and heat preservation. So the silicone vacuum cup is not hot, it is heat preservation? This is another characteristics of silica gel: no heat transfer. Do not transfer heat, just as the heat source energy closed within it, quantity of heat in the inner loop, although can produce consumption, but for a long time. You don't believe it, you can prepare a common glass, and then buy on the net a silicone cup cover, set on the glass, believe that the temperature of the hot water in the cup will save more time. Introduced so many silicone vacuum cup 'theory,' if you don't talk about its advantage, friends are not welcome. Tell me about the two advantages: soft, not easy to break, easy to carry. Silica gel in refining raw material, process and adding auxiliary material is different, can have a soft rubber and hard rubber. And silica gel glass using a soft rubber, it can be like a plastic doll, kneading and deformation at random, but immediately restorable after let go. When we travel, backpack stuffed to the brim, but found that water didn't take, there's no need to worry if using silicone cup. Pinch the, reduce the volume of the glass can easily find a gap in. And sometimes accidentally knocked over the glass to the ground, also need not worry about scratches, broken glass. Good, above to introduce the principle and advantages of silica gel glass insulation, so the final silicone vacuum cup manufacturers recommend regularly drink eight glasses of water, so as to better health.
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