Silicone table mat what advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-13
The advantage of silicone table mat 1, environmental or food grade silica gel by high temperature, because of the material at least for the environmental protection level so harmless to human body, not volatilize harmful material can be at ease use. 2, color diversity, compared to other materials of eat mat silicone placemats alternative color literally have hundreds of thousands of ( It can customize PANTONG color card number) , many color in one is your favorite color. Other material of eat mat, I believe that is not so much color. 3, in the recovery or resources that a piece of silica gel products have some advantages, take wooden to compare, ligneous need the trees ( Bamboo) Cut down to make into eat mat, and silicone material don't have to cut down trees, is the need for rubber flow of rubber juice can. And wooden if if used long don't like or broken can only throw away not recycling, and silica gel eat mat can be recycled. 4, high temperature resistant, silicone eat mat also less than other material of eat mat, can generally be in - silicone products 30 ~ 220 degrees between the temperature of the normal use, other materials may also can't reach the temperature difference between the use of, eat mat on the table is mainly used to prevent hot insulation function, the general hot food, soup, hot pot, such as home cooking enough to satisfy the use, some of the bigger of the silica gel eat mat also can be used as a pot holder not burning the desktop. 5, long service life, you have to ask how long is the life of a me a silicone product, I could really can't answer, because haven't seen what silicone product broken because of the life is not long enough. 6, modelling diversity appearance beautiful: everyone's aesthetic view is different then see the same product have different opinions, the eat mat on market believe that people often cook should know style is not too much. Some people like contracted style, cartoon style, style more elements, stripes, square, round, abnormity and so on are different, and there's a silicone table mat for you. Flexible silicone products, all kinds of styles, style all production can be realized. 7, clean, silicone eat mat also have very good advantage, more connected to bamboo qualitative eat mat there is crack due to joint in clean is relatively difficult, clean wrong over time will grow bacteria in the gap. Silicone eat mat also have this kind of gap of some complex modelling or corner but silicon material has a very good advantage, that is not stained with oil and flexibility is very good, corner can break to come and eat mat, not bad so good can solve the problem of cleaning. 8, feel comfortable, as rigid tradition of eat mat, silicone placemats for soft silicone strong feel.
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