Silicone table mat, silicone cup mat in detail

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silicone table mat into the category of silica gel tableware, using food grade silica gel, silica gel material level for silicone placemats safe non-toxic environmental protection. With the development of the industry, the traditional all kinds of tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, furniture and so on all have increased a lot of new varieties, silica gel products is one of new popular product. With early all kinds of silicone products gradually rise, silicone tableware, silicone kitchenware also began to emerge. First, each kind of silica gel tableware, kitchen utensils and popular in Europe and the United States, the earliest at present, this kind of product is still one of the silicone products exports. Silicone table mat is mainly used in the kitchen, of course, also can be used in the table. Its main use is 2 points. First, heat resistant, silica gel temperature range for under - eat mat 40℃— — 240 ℃, can put freshly prepared food eat mat, avoid overheating plate bring unnecessary trouble. Second, prevent slippery, silicone placemats generally is uneven, have very good prevent slippery effect, at the same time can also be used to unscrewed the cap and so on. Silicone table mat is a kind of silicone pad, as well as all kinds of silicone rubber mat, rubber mat. Silicone pad USES, has put a cup of silica gel cup mat; Used for thermal insulation of silicone cup mat, silicone bottle sets, etc. , feel good. Another silicone MATS, etc. , main auxiliary role, such as silicone MATS can be designed for different shapes, have increased, massage effect, and can add a few elements in such as silicone bracelet, promote the blood circulation and sleep, adjust walking, and so on. Today xiamen silicone products manufacturer is developed by a mold factory, mold experience, on April 18, 2012 has produced 5877 sets to develop mold. At the same time, in the peer, is the earliest engaged in silicone products, plastic products research and development production of a batch of, very skillful, more than 1000 customer testimonials, good word of mouth.
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