Silicone table mat safe? What are the purposes?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-04
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, food-grade silicone table mat on the table is one of the common daily life of rubber products, silicone table mat widely used is what's your secret? By silica gel products factory in xiamen belt you know now it is the secret to popularity! The safety of food grade silicone placemats reliable? The silicone placemats are generally made of food grade silica gel to, food-grade silicone products has been widely applied to infants and young children, medicine, daily necessities of life, consumer electronics and other fields. And want to be in domestic sales will have to be certified by GB food grade security. European and American countries but also by the FDA, SGS inspection certification, etc. Silicone table mat of all sorts of unique shape and elegant logo design can be customized according to his be fond of. Silica gel with high and low temperature resistance, anti abrasion, stable chemical properties and quality of a material soft, excellent characteristics, such as these are out of reach for other materials. Protean silicone table mat can be suitable for various occasions, environmental safety of silicone placemats are popular among people. We all know that the silicone can eat mat is a kind of protection, and decorate the table meal used items. Silicone table mat color beautiful diversity, can close to the life of people more, eat mat itself has strong friction, can effectively prevent the glass, porcelain cup down, also can protect the desktop from the spoil. Eat mat what are the purposes? Specific performance on the function of eat mat, silicone table mat has the following functions: ( 1) Protection of table cloth, table cloth from oily be soiled, dirt and stains such as pollution, especially to the cotton cloth, make dining mat can completely avoid the trouble not easy to clean, eat mat easy change, easy do. ( 2) Heat insulation sound insulation function: avoid scalded the table or tableware tableware. ( 3) Anti-skid function: silicone placemats another effect is that it effectively prevent slippery shockproof function, can effectively prevent the tableware as random sliding table, reduce tableware, such as breakage accident. ( 4) Suction function: PVC eat mat inside a tiny hole absorption, can be put onto the table MATS a small amount of water absorption, make the tableware in a clean environment. ( 5) Appreciation function: printing the design of eat mat, color and design style, can reflect master fashion and cultural tastes.
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