Silicone table mat order which is good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone table mat USES the food grade silicone material by molding, non-toxic odorless, safe environmental protection, high and low temperature - resistance Good insulating 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃, stays hot, can use repeatedly washed, become thousands of eat mat, so many businesses will find factory customized logo silicone table mat, advertising promotion, brand promotion, in order to achieve activities to commemorate purposes, such as the customized silicone placemats which good? Silicone table mat order which good? Can judge from the following points 1, visit the factory, because the silicone eat mat on the workshop environment demand is high, because the silica gel adsorption is very strong, so it was very dirty mess of workshop, is unable to guarantee the quality of products. 2, carefully check the mold figure, make sure that the mold size is accurate. 3, if the silica gel to eat mat surface printing design, to determine whether the factory has enough printing experience, because the traditional screen printing method, the printing color is more prone to dislocation patterns. 4, I received the samples, to see whether the eat mat surface dirt, because if there is a mismatch, whether there is a deformation. If you have these questions, to timely response to the factory. 5, SGS certification, look to whether can be cleared by the FDA, the LFGB food safety standards certification. 6, delivery problems, look to whether can meet the required delivery date. 7, production technology, to see whether design and development capabilities. Customized silicone placemats which good? Xiamen silicone products manufacturers to provide OEM/ODM custom silicone eat mat, have professional production technology team, have the ability to develop design and price concessions, quality assurance.
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