Silicone table mat insulation pad

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone table mat heat insulation pads, in addition to have heat insulation function, and prevent slippery, shock, beautify the role of the desktop, kitchen or as a table mat, all can bring you different taste! Product name: silica gel eat mat, silicone heat insulation pad, silicone pad silicone placemats cushion material: food-grade silicone raw materials, through the international SGS certification testing, durable non-toxic odorless, use safety more at ease. The characteristics of the silicone placemats insulation pad: ( 1) Environmental health, easy to clean, arbitrary tensile, tear, twist deformation, can be used an infinite loop, easy to receive, insulation performance is good, soft texture, high and low temperature - resistance 40℃~230℃; ( 2) Heat release of pot hot cup, good waterproof performance, moistureproof prevent dirty, not bibulous not suck fat not sticky food; ( 3) Easy to clean, use a cloth to wipe dry or water to rush the net can be hung up to dry, prevent bacterial growth. Insulation pad wholesale silicone eat mat, can be directly silicone heat spot wholesale, also can customize the silicone insulation pad wholesale. Heat insulation pad custom silicone eat mat, can ODM and OEM customization can also be customized.
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