Silicone sucker environment and use are inseparable

by:Keyuan     2020-09-22
Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. , mainly producing all kinds of silicone rubber products, the factory experienced technical personnel, advanced equipment, especially for large groups provide quick solution and fast production of all kinds of silicone rubber products. Silicone sucker is a kind of those products rely on atmospheric pressure effect, the size of the pressure of a with rough on the surface of the silica gel with a suction cup has a direct relationship. The use environment of different selection of sucker material is also different, with the material of vacuum suction cup often USES nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, polyurethane, fluorine rubber, etc. Chuck has different properties of different materials; Chuck is suitable for grab made of silicone rubber surface is rough products, our specific silicone sucker can work normally under the high temperature 230 degrees, suction cups are made of ammonia ester material is very durable. In actual production, if chuck with oil resistance, can consider to use nitrile rubber suction cups. Have acid-base fluorine rubber material can choose use environment. And the choice of concrete materials according to the working environment of chuck oil resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, cold-resistant performance such as requirement. About silicone rubber products factory 'to the general consumer to provide reliable high-quality green products. 'Is the production of silicone rubber products factory has always been adhering to the idea. Company adopts advanced ERP management system, and in accordance with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. Intermediate inspection is the key to find and solve the major quality problems. Therefore, maintain the normal operation of the machine, mold good working state, strengthen the operation of the operator and qc personnel skills and quality consciousness training is the key to reduce production bad, is also the enterprise benefit. Articles from the professional silicone products manufacturer - Xiamen silicone products co. , LTD. ( Products/chuangyiguijiaomenda. html) Reprint please indicate the source
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