Silicone skin cleaning brush which is good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone products for many years ago was very hot, it can affect us in addition to the material is the main technology problems, in recent years, along with the silicone products gradually mature, the commodity cleansing aspect also ticked up slowly, and we walked all the way from the beginning of the silicone bath brush brush to silicone skin cleaning products, small sprout life amid ongoing breakthrough, product technology through continuous self-improvement pursuit of perfection, the final purpose is to give consumers a perfect products. The silicone skin cleaning brush which good? Small sprout life silicone skin cleaning brush online now to get a good feedback, has reached more than thirty thousand people support! For already successful small sprout life silicone skin cleaning brush, it means that we need to reach the standard of each product, do customers safe, high quality of high quality products! Although the product is in addition to the silicone part also contains a lot of electronic components, but the most important part is given priority to with appearance of silica gel or, because of the multiple processing technology in the silicone part is basically need to achieve zero defect to meet quality requirements, as long as there is a silicone parts are defective so the whole product will have new assembly, so that the quality of the product requirements internally must be strictly controlled, layer control. From the past to do the silicone brush has been more than a dozen, main body and each product or want to rely on the design of the mould, we for the development of mold, and data of the details would have to be going to, such as silica gel needles plus or minus tolerance of thickness must be zero. The range of 3 mm, surface polishing requirements to achieve A minus 1 1 degree, moulding line demand basic no stitches come out from the article, feel is directly touch on the clamping moulding line is qualified! So the requirement of mould nature can make a high quality product! The silicone skin cleaning brush which good? Appearance touch of green, ink painting, reach high quality handle degree feels more slippery, the length of the brush head can be customized requirements, and we do the silicone brush higher up to 30 mm in length, so for the brush head is the problem of different size has different length is completely break, can do consumers want any cleansing brush a head!
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