Silicone skin cleaning brush bad solution!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Silicone skin cleaning brush, now has been a common items in daily necessities of life, facial cleaning brush can get the favour of broad consumer is mainly focus on its design, from nylon fiber to silicon has been the audience is in its face, for the silicone material cleansing brush what are the main factor of adverse reasons, a lot of silicone products factory all know cleansing brush head is the most important thing, it is unlike fiber brush it every brush head is after finishing molding after high temperature vulcanization get the whole facial brush, has a strong toughness, soft springback and other characteristics, so in the production process of hard to avoid can appear some bad phenomenon. In the production process of because the entire facial brush head is dense, coupled with the back of the product have a suction cup again, so the die design method is also more difficult. Can design mould for the plate mold core on mold core demoulding, and every product in the stripper is need to use hand pull to mold release, so the hard to avoid can make the face brush head and bottom of the chuck was bad, the second is the diameter of the brush head distance at 0. 8 mm less than 1 mm spacing between plus brush is too narrow, so the production of brush a head wind and fracture occurs, so need to use in the production of some reasonable methods to solve. Many times the cause of the poor also have different requirements on skill, so easy to be pulled when pulling should let workers pay attention to use proper strength, as a result of the silicone brush facial cleaning mold core shuttle in the middle parts of the skin cleaning brush, so the tensile force pulling causes product base, secondly is as far as possible in the mold will slow the rate of the mold, don't let the brush head of fracture in the mold, because the brush head is too fine after fracture with the naked eye can't see if it's broken, and in the case of neglected tend to appear a few hours in a row, even one day of unhealthy phenomenon, so after the mold is seriously look at the mold of the brush head is complete. To brush a head wind phenomenon, as long as the basic will not appear within a certain temperature and time, just after the mold too slow prone to package the wind phenomenon of the operation. Silica gel products co. , LTD. Xiamen silicone manufacturers - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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