Silicone screen printing process is what, what are the advantages, the production of pay attention to what details

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
At present there are many kinds of silicone products, different products need to be made by different process. Today, Rayleigh wave silica gel to let you know the silicone products of screen printing. The silicone product design needs to be done by screen printing process, all this is very important. A: what is the screen printing process silicone products? Due to the screen printing process with many excellent properties, good liquidity, paste viscosity is strong, high and low temperature stability, resistance to aging performance is good, product design have three peacekeeping, feel more silk screen design also has excellent peel strength, abrasion resistance, brightness; Also has the waterproof, prevent slippery, air permeability, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance and excellent smoothness. The importance of silica gel product screen printing process: as the screen printing process has a great ability in many industries has been widely recognized, its craft is the use of two-component liquid silicone and curing agent made for screen printing color, color paste in a screen printing machine to complete the screen printing process, and in the silicone rubber industry, its purpose is done by font carved the appearance of the product design, for example, we often use the silicon rubber keys is one of them. In the production of silicone products manufacturer, which should be paid attention to in the process of screen printing details? Screen printing process is relatively high to the requirement of decorative pattern, so in some process such as silica gel and silica gel mask will appear, ink on silk screen printing process is bigger, the influence of the quality of the ink will improve the quality of design, and some of the products in use for a long time will appear off color, when there are several main reason caused the brightness of the photo: 1. After printing, roasting temperature is too low, shorter time, poor wear resistance performance of silicone products, after repeated use, performance begins to blur. 2. The poor quality of screen printing inks, affecting the surface of the silica gel products. 3. The surface of the silica gel products too dirty, hindered the silk screen printing ink and silica gel adsorption, caused by contact of the characters.
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