Silicone scraper cream cake spatula customization

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone spatula cream cake spatula USES the food grade silica gel, resistant to high temperature 230 ℃, good stability, durable, non-toxic, no smell, safety and health. Silicone spatula have good recovery, soft hard moderate, easier cutting, cleaning. Handle the tail hook design, convenient and receive hung up when not in use, not easy to slide, feels comfortable. Unibody design, comfortable handle, accord with human body engineering, one-piece head easy to clean, health security, no dead Angle. Silicone scraper cream cake spatula to do the cake, uniform stirring lake protein and the surface of the cake, which can effectively scrape mixing bowl remaining batter, protein on the surface of the lake, concentrated ingredients and use again, reducing wear and tear; Screeding into the mold of the batter, etc. Convenient cleaning used to scrape off the non-stick baking pan, non-stick cloth, aluminum alloy residue, such as debris, not scratch the surface of the product. Silicone spatula cream cake spatula styles varied, translucent, one-piece, can tear open outfit, with wooden handle, shape, color, size, hardness can be customized. ODM silicone scraper can OEM custom, can also be customized. Translucent silicone scraper butter spatula to customize parameter name: translucent one-piece silicone scraper material: food-grade silicone size: 4 * 20. 5厘米,5。 5 * 27. 5 cm weight: 35 g color: red, blue, green, can be custom-made chocolate cream knife silicone scraper customization parameter name: silicone chocolate cream mixing knife, silicone scraper, cake spatula material: food-grade silicone size: 21 * 3. 7 cm weight: 42. 9 g color: yellow, blue, orange, can be custom-made silicone spatula stir butter spatula knife customization parameter name: separate split type silicone scraper, butter spatula mixing blade material: food-grade silicone size: 19. 4 * 3. 5 cm weight: 16 g color: blue, red, yellow, can be custom-made wooden handle silicone scraper cream cake spatula to customize parameter name: wooden handle silicone scraper, cream cake spatula material: silica gel + wooden handle size: 27. 7 * 5 cm weight: 60. 7 g color: pink, gray, can be customized color
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