Silicone saliva dripping advantages and methods of use

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silica gel saliva also called silicone bib round, silicone bib, made of food grade silica gel, according to the characteristics of infants, the design is exquisite, attractive and suitable for more than 3 months infants and young children or old man. Silicone saliva dripping advantage 1, the unique design of the silicone tape is at the bottom of the bib, modelling is used to pick up dropped food, keep your clothes clean. 2, suitable for infants, the elderly and patients. Avoid eating when dirty clothes, convenient and practical. 3, soft non-toxic food grade silicone material, suitable for contact with the skin. 4, durable, easy to wash, repeatable use, convenient cleaning, just lightly, it will be clean again. 5, soft silicone material, can roll up collection, convenient to carry. Let the meal time of joy, is the ideal meal with saliva dripping. Silicone saliva dripping method of use before using, disinfection, can be in boiling water boil disinfection, should pay attention to not get into the soup, so as to avoid product damage. When can microwave sterilization, please use the special microwave disinfection box; Do not directly on the cooking stove or microwave sterilization directly. Solve the silicone saliva dripping condole belt, will be opening up on the chest, then suspenders. The silicone saliva dripping cleaning method 1. Before first use of clean with cleaning fluid bib, thoroughly wash with warm water, and then disinfected with boiling water or steam sterilizer. 2. Shall be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use to ensure hygiene. 3. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean. Silicone saliva dripping storage when not in use should be stored in ventilated shady and cool place, prevent sun direct illuminate for a long time. Don't put silica gel saliva dripping on fire and insect touches. Note 1. Please check the silicone bib pocket, if appear damage phenomenon, please abandoned. 2. Please let baby use bib under supervision. 3. Do not use silicone bib pocket long exposure to the sun, fire, or in the liquid.
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