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by:Keyuan     2020-07-12
100% RTV silicone rubber has grease barrel in hardware store.
It is a paste-like synthetic material that will harden into flexible rubber after losing acetic acid smoke into the air.
The smell is sharp, but if your nose is not too close to it, you\'ll be fine.
Well ventilated.
I think silicone rubber has long been a neglected material with great potential.
I would be surprised if I was the first person to think of using it in a sculpture, but I\'m sure I\'m not the only child with itching, they used to stick to the silicone sample dab on the display card and wanted to know what else it was.
It can be used to make biological and architectural models, art and craft projects, jewelry and other things.
Because it also has survival value for preventing leakage and repairing things in the home, it is a good material that is familiar.
Silicone is usually sealed with aluminum foil inside the cartridge, after cutting the tip of the cartridge, you have to disconnect with a hard wire.
The 100% RTV silicone rubber has several basic colors such as transparent, white, black, bronze and aluminum.
You can make your own color by mixing the powder pigment with transparent silicone.
Mix the ingredients on the palette with a palette knife.
Transfer silicone to the subcutaneous syringe of the plastic head (pet store)
Precise extrusion and fine details.
Dick brick art supplies is a great place to get fancy colors online: the hardware shop can get cheaper paints.
They are usually used for coloring cement.
You can build the shape like a clay coil tank and squeeze lines line by line to build a silicone wall.
Work on the wires to make statues, etc.
Lay it in Africa
Stick the material to a flat surface.
Polyethylene plastic is a very good non-stick surface.
I have a polyethylene plastic kitchen cutting board for my favorite working surface.
Save your empty ink cartridge, clean it up and use it for other things like the acrylic paint dispenser for maracas or artists.
The key word for this technology is \"Gravity \".
If you squeeze a silicone rubber line from point A to Point B in space, the line will sag and extend up
Lower arch on vertical plane
If your goal is to have the rightside-
On the arch, then you have to get it up.
Go down and turn rightside-
When it gets hard
In the process of making complex sculpture forms, you may want to do actual extrusion work on the side of the work or at any other location.
To do this, it is helpful to have a workstation with the right place to hang your growing work.
Since three points define a plane, put your work (
Plane of imagination)
At any position, it is helpful to have three connection points on the winding.
This winding can be either rigid material such as wire or flexible material such as wire.
If you use a rope, the whole sculpture will swing like 100% rubber, and you may need to attach it to a temporary rigid frame to control it.
The rigid skeleton adds rigidity to the sculpture and does not require a temporary working frame.
As you can see from the photo below, the pivot with three connection points is not absolutely necessary.
This is only a useful basic principle.
You can work from any indirect connection point, but if your workspace does not design such a connection point on the ceiling, you can use a generic solution;
Tripod for suspension of work.
I have made about 3/4 \"EMT electric metal pipe tripod for other purposes.
They use a 10-foot tube. tall.
If your ceiling limits the use of such a high tripod, you can shorten the legs of the tripod.
Remember to protect your floor with rubber feet on a tripod.
For instructions on making a tripod, see :.
The tripod is also educational.
You can do the graphic design by squeezing silicone out of the plane non-upper, or make flat parts for larger designsstick surface.
Polyethylene plastic is a good material for leveling the surface.
You can stretch the garbage bag on the board as a cheap surface treatment.
I prefer the hard polyethylene kitchen cutting board as I bought it at Sam\'s Club.
After the silicone is hardened, you peel it off directly.
The following part is mainly the fins of the fish sculpture I made.
This sculpture uses the skeleton of the PVC pipe.
These shapes are then piled up on the skeleton with clay.
A layer of silica gel is covered on the clay.
When the rubber is hardened, cut the silicone to dig out the clay, patch the silicone and color it.
The paint does not stick to the silicone.
You can make a paint replacement by mixing the powder pigment with transparent silicone and then brushing or rubbing on the surface.
In this case, I used metal paint and transparent silicone.
This is a whistle man, just like an antique taxi horn, only a little more beautiful.
Inflate the balloon, tie the rope around the neck, hang the balloon with a rope and cover the surface with silicone rubber.
I put the rope through the PVC fitting first, then add a reed that sounds good to the PVC neck.
Then color with different colors of silica gel.
As you can see, you can get very decor with the squeeze.
You can even use multiple
Color fine profile.
After the silicone on the balloon is hardened, the balloon pops up and the fragments are removed with tweezers, chopsticks, etc.
My favorite small sculpture is welded with a stainless steel electrode and silver.
Silver solder is stronger than lead solder, but you can still weld with propane torch.
You don\'t need a flashlight.
These weapons should last a lifetime, even more.
The silicone rubber and fiberglass mat shower curtain may be good for 30 to 50 years outdoors.
In any case, this is the normal guarantee of silicone rubber.
To saturate the mat material or other cloth material, arrange some non-
Stick the plastic to the floor.
I used a large roll of moisture-proof plastic larger than the project.
Lay the mat material or cloth on the floor and spread the silicone through the pores of the material and press it using a color adjustment knife or similar tool.
When it becomes hard, if
Stick plastic, turn over and lay another layer on the back.
You can also get painting and texture effects with colored silicone.
It\'s hard to say what this has to do with the classroom, but if you need a thin piece of silicone rubber every day, here\'s a way to do it. It\'s water-proof.
As a canvas for the expression of outdoor painting, it is possible.
When the silicone rubber cylinder is empty, I push the Piston Cup out of the back of the cylinder with a piece or 1/4 of steel bars and clean it up.
One use of the cartridge is as a paint dispenser.
I buy bulk acrylic paint in the jar because it\'s cheaper.
Open and close the jar and remove a small amount of paint all the time, resulting in drying and a lot of paint waste.
I solved it by packing the drying problem into an empty silicone cartridge. I make non-
Glue the silicone rubber cap that has just turned on and off the end of the cartridge to seal the paint with air.
Never got any stuck-
The top of the screw to be processed.
Squeeze out the paint you need with an oil gun.
The empty cartridge also facilitates the production of music maracas, using two Piston Cups to place the seeds in the end area of the cartridge.
Maracas looks like a silicone cartridge, so it doesn\'t make much sense to show the photos of maracas.
You saw the bullet.
Silicone rubber is a good material to glue this beautiful blue plastic material, I am cleaning x-ray film.
I got the x that was rejected-
The light from our hospital.
I fill plastic-
Tip subcutaneous syringe of pet shop, with silicone, for precise application of silicone.
I also use silicone as drum head material;
Sometimes cloth
Reinforcement, sometimes above layer x
Ray film material
The sound is different;
No better, no worse, just different.
Really, if you ignore this one, your school is missing a great material!
Silicone rubber is ideal for making and coloring building models.
The castle model was built on a foam plastic base.
It was built with clay coil tank technology that we might have done at school, except for silicone extrusion.
All you need to do is wait for the potential squeeze to harden to keep going up.
This material is especially suitable for making building models that are irregular or dome-shaped.
Sometimes you can build on foam, but you can use coil tank construction technology if you want to look inside.
The finished model is light
Weight, waterproof, is basically unbreakable and should last for a lifetime.
Silicone rubber needs to lose solvent steam to harden, so it is difficult to work in a closed mold.
These examples are done with an open plaster mold.
On the basis of belly dancing sculpture, three female characters were made with three open molds.
These units then adhere to the PVC tube core with more silicone. The sculpture-in-the-
The round belly dance at the top is divided into two halves with two open molds, and then two halves are connected with transparent silicone.
Working in a mold allows you to get a smoother surface than direct technology.
The plaster mold is coated on the shelf and then the mold is appliedrelease agent;
Wax or detergent if I remember correctly.
Usually, after the shape of the sculpture is completed, a bronze coat will be applied.
However, in the case of using the mold, the color coating is first brushed into the mold, and then the cavity is filled with the tangled \"bird\'s nest\" of the silicone extrusion \".
The solid mass of silicone takes a long time to harden.
Thanks to the gaps in the \"Bird\'s Nest\", solvent steam is able to ventilate from the center faster.
When the part is removed from the mold, it is already \"painted.
The back of the twisted face sculpture is flat and hung on the wall.
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