Silicone rubber, series of products, foam silicone gel technology know!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
A kind of silicon gel is forming silica gel, is a kind of super soft silica gel hardness, environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, is a kind of application field widely and molding silicone rubber. Because like jelly soft after curing, so also called jelly glue. Add room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding is colorless or yellowish transparent oily liquid, vulcanization became transparent soft silicone gel. The gel can be in - 65 ~ 200 ℃ temperature range keep elasticity for a long time, it has good electrical properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, hydrophobic, moisture, shock, corrosion, and physiological inertia, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to infusion, to deep sulfide, line shrinkage rate is low, the advantages of simple operation, organic silicon gel, widely used in electronic components in the electronic industry of moistureproof, smuggling, insulation coating and potting material, electronic components and assembly up dust, moisture, shock, and no edge protection. If use transparent gel potting electronic components, not only can have shock-proof waterproof protection effect, can also see components and can be detected with a probe component failure, replaced, but again potting repair damaged silicon gel. Silicone gel with high purity, easy to use, and have certain elasticity, therefore is an ideal transistor and the integrated circuit inside the coating material, can improve the qualified rate and reliability of semiconductor device; Silicone gel elastic adhesive also can be used as optical instrument. On the medical silicone gel can be used as a plant organ in the body, such as artificial breast and used to repair damaged organs. Bubble foam silica gel is also called the silicon rubber, silicon gel is a condensation type hydroxyl sealing side silicon rubber base makings, hydroxyl silicone oil containing hydrogen as foaming agent, vinyl platinum complex as catalyst, Heating type catalyst for dibutyl tin laurate) , issued by the bubble at room temperature vulcanization and become a kind of perforated spongy elastomer. In order to improve the quality of foam to join some other components, such as containing silicone oil, make the vulcanization process produces more gas; Improve the foam handle and reduce the density. Join diphenyl silicon diol not only can control foam structure, and can control the rubber viscosity increase during storage, but its dosage cannot too much, otherwise it will affect the electrical properties of the foam. In order to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the foam, it can also be transparent silicone rubber. The dosage of the catalyst chloroplatinic acid vinyl complex cannot too much, will be subject to convenient operation, otherwise it will make the viscosity increased for operation; When the catalyst is insufficient, sulfide is incomplete, foam sticky on the surface, elastic is not good, soft and with plastic, intensity difference. Bubble before vulcanization silicone rubber products are liquid, suitable for filling and sealing materials. The foam can be in - after vulcanization Long-term use under 60 ~ 159 ℃, 150 ℃, 72 hours of aging, or a 60 ~ 70 ℃ cold and hot alternative use ten times ten, foam is still keeping its original performance. Foam silicone rubber due to the high thermal stability, good insulation, insulation, moisture resistance, shock resistance, especially under the high frequency vibration resistance good, therefore is an ideal lightweight packaging materials. Used for anti-corrosion protection. In addition can also do insulation sandwich filler material and salt fog floating materials and sealing materials in the atmosphere. Foam silicone rubber in medicine can also be used as orthopaedic surgery filling, repairing and above clothing materials. The United States dow corning corporation fire protection requirements of the transmission line, in order to apply as a flame retardant silicone rubber DC3 - room temperature vulcanizing bubble 6548. This kind of foam silicone rubber is mainly used for electric wire electric cable through ( Such as roof, walls, buildings, the place such as holes) Fire prevention sealing, the flame retardant performance is very good, its limit oxygen index up to 39 ( Most of the plastic limit oxygen index for only 20) , the service life of 50 years. At present, this kind of flame retardant foam at room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber has been widely used in nuclear power plants, computer center, harsh environmental conditions, such as offshore oil production equipment, or the place of fire, don't be demanding.
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