Silicone rubber sealing strip production which is good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
There are so many manufacturers silicone sealing strip, the buyers how to find good quality and reasonable price of the supply of goods? Xiamen silicone products factory production of the sealing strip products of all sorts of color, can according to customer requirements, according to the specifications of the products, color and packaging processing and manufacturing. Used in radio, electrical, telecommunications and other industries of silicone rubber seal; Television, high-pressure cover in the oscilloscope. Invest in electronic silica gel and silica gel. Controlled silicon tube shell, gas seal, insulation casing, a switch cover, electronic computer, arc surface of conductive adhesive, keyboard switch, pressure sensitive resistance, etc. Door and window industry: as the change of human living environment, modern building Windows and doors has experienced from the steel door to plastic door, aluminium alloy door, the door broken bridge hot insulation, system development, door and window industry promoting the upgrading of sealing strip. Transportation industry, shipbuilding industry, silicone shockproof pieces of the ship. Hydraulic pressure system of the silicone seal, oil seal, automobile brake cover, cup, rubber hose. Foam sealing ring, shaft seal exhaust system, spark plugs, point firewire, piston, engine rotor dynamic ring, etc. Silicone material has good sealing performance, high temperature resistant heat resistance, anti-aging, impact resistant, waterproof, shockproof can fit all kinds of smooth surface of materials. Can back glue adhesive, good sealing, high temperature resistant adhesive used for a long time, don't fall off. Environment friendly and safety, good insulation, high temperature resistance, small compression deformation, has good elasticity, non-toxic. With the development of the society, the silicone rubber foam sealing strip has been widely used in People's Daily life and production activities of many enterprises. Its demand is also increasing year by year, prompting manufacturers to constantly improve their own production technology, to produce more conform to the requirements of the silica gel products.
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