Silicone rubber raw material processing details, product originally so?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Civil mixed gel along with the development of the society in recent years, led technology and the progress of each big industry in our country, become one of the important raw material for the mixed silicone rubber products, become today's major industry is the lack of a ring cover gum products, mixing rubber materials and semi-finished products, belong to product of sheet material after mixing rubber quality directly affects the process of finished product quality problem, so that the quality of the product in the process of mixing process depends on the mixing method, so today of the knowledge of mixing rubber belt you know! Mixing rubber production technology: 1, adjust the wheelbase: rubber mixing the first steps to adjust the wheelbase of the mixing machine to the spacing between high, because just in a solid plastic materials are massive, the thickness is higher need to add the roller wheelbase to more than 10 mm by silicone material to let loose, the early stage of the mixed into the rubber after reaching a certain temperature materials dispersion in the wheelbase down gradually, the material and the vulcanizing agent and color glue evenly total integration in 2, the material can be transferred to the roller wheelbase turn: smelting smelting process is relatively important process material, need to be in the process of machining a roll of material mixing repeatedly 20 to 30 minutes to complete the material mixing evenly, ensure the follow-up of silica gel products production and processing have no flow marks and the quality problems, and the more important or control problem in the process of operation, as a result of the limitation of mixing machine width, want a good stable a roll of material that you need to do push-ups and fine skillful technology. 3, add color and vulcanizing agent: at the time of material mixing evenly add vulcanizing agent and color glue, according to the proportion of the weight of the material to add, or material may appear off color and the phenomenon of sulfide are not ripe, the two can at the same time, but in the join vulcanizing agent needs to control its scroll, not completely forget otherwise it will appear in the middle of the rubber electrostatic method and even the phenomenon of open flames, also many clients in the addition of silica gel products some quantum points or other substances, there are different in shape of powder and water and paste. 4, roll: a roll is a silicone products manufacturer is one of the main steps, the product out of the rubber roller about subsequent rubber cutting density and weight proportion in the production of products, the adoption of separate blades cut below the roller is broken ends, and the weight of the rubber is not light, so in the process of winding must be one-time after collect, if the operator's hand in the process of winding insufficient materials offset or fall, you'll have to start all over again, and the tape cannot use and winding. Rubber mixing note: 1, it is not easy to mixing time is too long, when mixed evenly dispersed, silicon material is completely wrapped by roll, smooth surface, mixed earned can be finished. Too long time will stick in the roller. Mixing time very short, should add strong cooling to keep the roller temperature is low. 2, need to prevent the machine temperature in the mixer procedures, according to the actual indoor temperature season or whether you need to confirm the machine open cooling water, so as not to cause the roller hot phenomenon, general technical personnel all know more mature in the mixing process of the machine with warm extrusion in the silicone raw materials, with different hardness rubber for cooling water, on the other hand is not installed air conditioning general rubber mixing workshop may cause the machine fever, rubber mixing rubber soft, not fusion and so on phenomenon. 3, rubber must be mixed evenly follow-up of silica gel products don't have a bunch of pigment, such as in the process of roller mixing color glue and sulfide still sticky on the roll shaft, then prove that material has not been fully spread out, because the two roller spacing as the hardness of the rubber automatically, so in the process of the roll sure to lock the roller spacing dimension
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