Silicone rubber products market prospect is good! Wacker aggressively expanding silicone rubber production capacity worldwide!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Silicone rubber is now very popular with the industry one of the high performance materials, organic silicon performance is excellent, solutions can be used to implement innovative silicone products, with its unique performance become automobile manufacturing, medical and electronic technology, and many other key industries indispensable materials. Will be on the expansion of the upstream upstream r&d and final stage of production capacity, in the near future obviously improved the supply of silicone rubber products and customer service. In April of this year, wacker in HanGuo Town sichuan new silicone sealants and mixture of heat conduction of organic silicon production base was put into operation. At present, and Michael store gram company Amtala joint venture production base of organic silicon in India has also begun to room temperature curing silicone elastomer and liquid silicone rubber production. Wacker chemical group plans in 2019's he ( Germany) , Adrian ( In Michigan, USA) And zhangjiagang ( China) The expansion of the liquid silicone rubber products, high temperature and room temperature curing silicone rubber production capacity and heat conduction of organic silicon compounds. Is currently considering and study in the United States, the Tennessee Charleston production base to build solid organic silicon production line. Wacker since 2016, production base in Charleston polysilicon production. The production base will also be put into operation next year a gas phase silica production line, the gas phase silica is important required for the production of solid silicone rubber filler. Silicone rubber silicone rubber is mainly composed of organic silicon polymer and filler, with corresponding dose of crosslinking reaction, form the three-dimensional structure, make the original liquid or plastic mixing rubber becomes with elastic rubber body. Silicone rubber high temperature resistant, low temperature stays a flexible, and resistance to aging, Ultraviolet radiation, ozone, radiation) , easy to machining, to stability in a wide range of temperatures and good mechanical properties. Silicone elastomer is widely used in aircraft and machinery manufacturing, electronics, electrical technology, textile, silicone baby products, silicone toys, furniture, electrical appliances, sports goods and construction, etc.
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