Silicone rubber products is basically instead of plastic products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone rubber products will gradually take the place of plastic products, this is the advantage of the trend of The Times, no matter from the environmental protection, practicability, compatibility of silicone rubber products instead of plastic products is certain. According to the author silicone products factory, industry, according to a report recently silicone rubber growing gradually into a gesture, and growth speed is very fast, is expected in 2020, silicone rubber products accounted for the proportion of rubber consumption in our country from the current six. Increased from 5% to 33%. So the overall domestic self-sufficiency can be made of rubber industry in China is about 50% to more than 80%, increases greatly, market potential is unlimited, so to speak. According to the news, some time ago, silicone bottle market appear new shuffle, part of the European and American countries announced BPA toxic chemicals, and in most of the plastics products contain such substances, PC plastic is directly by the BPA produced by polymerization, PC (usually Polycarbonate) Plastic products, contain BPA ( Bisphenol A (bpa) , so some PC products, such as baby bottles, beverage bottles, plastic containers and packaging are mostly contains this substance. And PC material in 100 degrees Celsius above water, there will be a BPA. And heat-resistant silicone rubber products is - 40 degrees - - - Between 230 degrees, when high temperature boiling water will not BPA seepage, and resistance to fall off, particularly strong tensile resistance. And in some research has shown that demands completely banning the use of BPA in the related products. To sum up, the stand or fall of material directly decides the situation on the use of the products, and silicone rubber products is a kind of natural rubber composites, will gradually replace the original plastic products become the new darling of the market.
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