Silicone rubber products in many industry applications

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone rubber industry originally should is with the development of transportation industry and in transportation industry, especially in rubber products such as rubber tires, rubber sheet, rubber hose, rubber belt, rubber seal, rubber damping etc. These are the amount of the largest in the transportation. With the rapid development of automobile industry, shock absorbing foam rubber and silicone will be a sharp rise in demand for these two kinds of products. Recommended products: foaming silicone products silicone seal silicone rubber products in industrial manufacturing applications in industrial manufacturing industry can be said to be the common used silicone rubber, such as: industrial silicone tube, rubber roller, rubber sheet, sealing washer etc. These are indispensable products played a seal in industrial manufacturing, anticorrosive, waterproof, insulation, shockproof, transmission and other vital role. Used in the automobile industry in addition to the above of the silicone rubber products, in the iron and steel industry is used a lot of rubber gasket, the washer is to have the effect of shock absorbing; In the chemical industry, rubber chemical stability properties play a key role in anti-corrosion; In paper making, textile, printing and dyeing, printing industry, such as rubber roller application is very extensive, and the dosage is also quite large. The application of silicone rubber products in military defense might mention the word 'military defense' can let a person a surprised, actually on the national strategic materials, silicone rubber is in it. Reason is that the aircraft, tanks, radar, cannons, etc. These military weapons and equipment are need a lot of silicone rubber products, rubber products used in the aircraft and tanks used rubber may at about 1500 kg! Planes, cannons and other special rubber products need more resistant to high and low temperature; Military radar on the use of conductive shielding rubber products, amphibious ship, transport ships, gas masks, radiation suits, diving suits, and so on all need silicone rubber products support to operation. In addition to the above application, silicon rubber products in electronic appliances, home kitchen supplies, medical industry, agriculture, fishery industry application is very extensive, detailed understanding of specific can click on the red font. All in all, silicone rubber products are ubiquitous in various industries, applications, role of is the necessary product of social development. Custom contact rubber, silicone rubber products specializing in the production process of silicone rubber products for nearly 10 years, it's worth a try! Contact: Mr Dragon mobile: 13392830612 ( Also can click: customized messages) Telephone, fax, email:
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