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by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Many people don't know what is silicone rubber pad, silicone rubber gasket poisson's ratio, silicone rubber gaskets, where there is sell what price comparison of professional manufacturers, the rubber products factory take you know what the silicone rubber gaskets silicone rubber pad is silicone rubber pad is a silica gel products have more market demand of products. Has the certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, compression strength, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical stability, environmental protection, safety, no odor, non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, green product is a highly active. Silicone rubber pad is a silica gel products have more market demand of products. The characteristics of the silicone food grade silicone rubber pad has inherent thermal stability ( - 40℃- 230℃) 。 Suitable for different occasions. Products with good flexibility, which can meet different needs, silicone rubber mat with good performance, widely used in electronics, industrial, household and other fields. In electronics cooling solution, the thermal conductive silicon membrane is widely used in IGBT, power module, MOS tube heat dissipation, and other fields, has good thermal conductivity, impact resistant, convenient operation, etc. Silicone rubber gasket poisson's ratio - how much is the poisson's ratio - Material in the unidirectional tensile or compressive, transverse normal strain and axial strain is the ratio of the absolute value of. The rubber material, the same ( The same rubber formula products, vulcanization process is consistent, poisson's ratio little change) Different products, other materials, formula, there is a corresponding change of general rubber poisson's ratio of 0. 45 - - 0. Between 50. Silicone rubber gaskets in foshan where there is sell rubber products co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, has an independent mold workshop, oil pressure workshop, the company is located in foshan city guanlan street geographical center longhua new district, covers an area of more than 1500 square meters, is a professional production of various kinds of silicon ( Rubber) Plastic extrusion/moulded products manufacturers, especially foaming silicone products have an advantage. Support in Japanese and English spoken language communication, if you have any question can be consulting. Above is the foshan rubber products factory to provide relevant content about the silicone rubber pad, hope to help you have said. Recommend related news nitrile rubber silicone rubber epdm gaskets silicone seal fluorine rubber gaskets
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