Silicone rubber mold don't care how serious the consequences of

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Rely on gold Buddha, as the saying goes the clothes make the man, an automobile is long-term maintenance will be scrapped, let alone a woman to maintain, but to maintain this thing is enough, for most car need maintenance, people also need maintenance, so there are a lot of things need to maintenance and protection, even silicone rubber products of the mould is not exceptional also, then what is the function of maintenance? It is to let it can get promoted in the use function and reach the normal use, and silicon mold maintenance is for the sake of what? There are some customers may just think mould only need to do the goods for a long time, after finished in secondary processing in fairs out there continue to do it well! ! If so then I want to the inside of the silicone rubber products factory mold basic can need not bother to toil, ideal is very skinny, but reality is cruel, if not after a set of mould used for maintenance, do that in the subsequent shipment will be meaningless, so questions about curing can't despise, no matter any things are the same. Get to the point, the main formal silicone mold maintenance it cavity is not to be less damage, due to steel corrosion in air was influenced by the genius of the wet is very strong, is the rust of aging is a common phenomenon, so general silicone products manufacturer in the lower die mould will be playing on lubricating oil ink soak in the mold core, keeping the face grow not rust, another method is to fill cavity with silicone raw materials. Don't have the incoming air, this method is a long way, but the general mould needs to be used lubricating oil, every month for an ink wash, prevent ink expires. For silicone mold, the production after the completion of the maintenance preview is must be dealt with one way, so manufacturers need to be aware of is the need for every once in a while to clean up, clean, if you don't open in the printing ink after long-term clean up the sand, will make the mold rust or destroyed! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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